Putting the 'I' in Teamwork
How a National Professional Association Will Make
Service Member, Veteran and Family Support
More Comprehensive 

In addition to services provided by the Veterans Administration (VA), there are an estimated 40,000-60,000 private and nonprofit organizations in the United States devoted to supporting our Veterans and Military Community. Yet services can be difficult to locate and access. How do we change this?

By focusing on connecting people — one-to-one collaboration of the 'boots on the ground' support professionals.

We Need a National Professional Association —
A Professional 'Trust'

Throughout history, professionals have formed mission-specific networks such as the American Medical Association (AMA), the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC), the American Bar Association, and more. Each membership encompasses professionals in various specialties and spheres who routinely (and proudly) cross-refer and share cases.

These national organizations were each assembled by a handful of like-minded individuals who encouraged colleagues and peers to join the roundtable and share innovations, best practices, research and — most importantly — make direct referrals to other trusted individuals. Yes — ‘individuals’ really are the ‘I’ in teamwork.
AIMS Membership Shows Commitment to Excellence
Membership in a national professional organization indicates the desire to collaborate and more effectively care for your clients. Members make themselves more accessible; share methodology; compare successes and stumbling blocks; and grow professionally through education, thought leadership and mentorship. Annual awards peer-recognize excellence. Overall, the entire profession becomes more connected — and the shared mission successful. (See AIMS Member benefits.)
Why National?
Service members, Veterans and their Families relocate frequently. While Local and State-level coalitions are vital, one-to-one national connectivity creates a central point for convening action-oriented people — anywhere across the US — allowing professionals to assist across great distances, reaching isolated, rural Veterans and their Families, as well.

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American Initiatives for 
Military SupportTM - AIMS

is convening a national membership-based, professional association for Service member, Veteran and Family Support professionals; expert volunteers; inter-governmental, military and VA  stakeholders to collaboratively promote the highest quality and
most easily-asccessible resources.

The AIMS Membership will engage in: 
knowledge-sharing and thought leadership; development of a library of research; identification of peer agreed-upon best practices and national models; recognition of acheivement; and well-connected cross-referral of Service members, Veterans and Families to additional resources.

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