Information About Joining AIMS
and Using the Website
Joining the AIMS network includes you in the exciting launch of a national association of Service member, Veteran and Family support professionals and expert volunteers. The ultimate goals of the membership are to facilitate trusted cross-referrals; share knowledge and best practices; peer-develop assessment tools via member committees; and award excellence in service. The future vision is a more connected support community for increased outcomes for those you serve.

This website functions as a profession-specific, social media site (like ‘LinkedIn’). See the SignUp & First Visit Recommendations in the right sidebar.

Some of the many benefits of AIMS membership include:
Support Service m, Veterans and Families more effectively and efficiently by connecting directly to another real, live professional who can assist — not just a web-link or phone number to an organization’s front desk.
• Use the ‘Advanced Search’ function to find a professional anywhere in the country according to their Field of Specialty and location — or any other criteria entered at Sign-up.
Groups: Join groups specific to your Field of Specialty and professional focus.
Knowledge: Share your thought leadership in forums / discussion groups.
Share: Post links to relevant articles, photos of events and more.
Events: Find and share events.
Connect: Contact other member from the site via in-network email. You can 'friend' in the manner of Facebook, as well.
• Publish: Share your research, books and papers.
• Build the Membership: Invite professionals you know and trust to join the network and convene the Nation’s military support professionals in a mutually beneficial society of members.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Am I representing my company or organization?
No, for the purposes of AIMS membership, you are expressly recognized as an individual. Membership is voluntary and completely unassociated with your job or volunteer affiliation. Your participation in membership in no way implies that your company endorses AIMS, other AIMS members — or even your professional abilities.

This clear distinction allows all individuals with subject matter expertise to join and make personal introductions without endorsing each others’ companies. This is a common and typical policy in all professional and trade organizations and allows military and DoD professionals to engage without representing their organization.

All opinions shared on this site are considered to be completely your own. Professional conduct is expected as in all professional forums.

Your organization may join AIMS by having a representative contact AIMS leadership directly.

Is there a membership fee?
No, AIMS individual professional membership is free. In the future, we’ll be fundraising in creative ways to keep the membership accessible to all members and facilitate new features and communications abilities. Products and services may have fees, but individual membership is at no cost.
Why should I join my State group?
Joining your State Groups will allow you to easily connect and communicate with other professionals and high-level volunteers in your State. Joining your State group will also help State-level personnel, Veterans liaisons from elected officials offices; and state and local Veterans Affairs Commissions to discover professionals in their States who provide all types of services. Further, State-level news, events and information can be directly relayed and shared both by you and others.
What is a VISN?
A Veterans Integrated Service Network (VISN) is the region served by a Health System within Veterans Health Administration. VISNs borders were determined by population density. This can get confusing, because more than one state can be located in each VISN — and sometimes a state’s borders include more than one VISN! For example, Texas, New York, Illinois and some other states have parts in more than one VISN.
Why should I join my VISN group?
Joining your VISN Groups will allow you to easily connect and communicate with other professionals and high-level volunteers in your VA Health System region. Joining a VISN group will also help VA personnel discover professionals in their regions who provide services that they do not. Further, news about events and changes is your VISN can be directly relayed to you.
How do I know my VISN location?
You can use the interactive map on the VA website, located here. If you’re in a rush to sign up, skip this step and enter your VISN by editing your profile. For future use, all VISN groups include this link.
Why will I be asked to enter my professional / volunteer credentials?
Since AIMS is a membership for professionals and high-level expert volunteers, it’s important for members to have confidence in each others’ subject matter expertise.
Will my information be shared?
Information you share is visible to other AIMS members and staff only. AIMS will not share your information for any reason or with any party without your express permission. Upon sign up, many entries are optional in consideration of your professional privacy.
Why are some pages invisible all of a sudden?
Some pages with content related to membership benefits and joining information become invisible to logged-in members to save menubar space. This page is one of them. In the future, if you are logged in, log out to read this page.

This page becomes invisible to logged-in members to save menubar space. In the future, if you are logged in, log out to read this page.