AIMS Strategic Objectives

American Initiatives for Military Support (AIMS)TM seeks to create a membership-based professional organization that will:
  • become an information-sharing network for all those who serve and support the military and veteran community.
  • promote members' missions more visibly to Veterans, sponsors, and the public.
  • encourage committees of professionals with similar missions to assemble for mentorship, peer-review, develop standards committees and rapid response to emergent Veteran issues.
  • enhance partnership with VA and government services to increase efficiency and fill gaps.


The AIMS Mission:

To build a mutually beneficial network where members of the Service member, Veteran and Family support community will connect, collaborate, become more accessible, retain their individuality, promote innovation and make information and services more readily available.









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The AIMS Vision:

To become the Nation’s most comprehensive membership-based network of professionals and expert volunteers, organizations and programs devoted to Service member, Veterans and Family support. The AIMSTM membership will facilitate collaboration, supportive joint efforts, and peer-based recognition for accomplishments, innovation and leadership.