Is AIMS the Professional Network for You?
AIMS Members are professionals or ‘expert-level volunteers’ who provide services or have specific subject matter expertise supporting Service members, Veterans and Families. Practitioners offer either paid or pro bono services, thought leaders share research and help develop best practice guidelines by committee. The membership shares the goal of building a trusted network of peers for cross-referrals and sharing of high-level knowledge.

AIMS members share the common desire to deliver services to those who need them ‘right now, today’ — eliminating red tape. Caring for those who have defended our nation and their loved ones really is based on connecting with individual people ‘whom you know and trust’ — just a phone call or e-mail away.

So, join AIMS today — and invite Veteran fellow professionals in your network! When you do, you’ll find new national and local contacts via the 'Advanced Search’ feature You can share discussion forums, events and location and specialty-specific groups
— even direct e-mail.

Below are some examples of members. You can find your specialty in the sidebar and choose it in the dropdown menu in the Sign Up form.

Veterans Service Officers and Benefits Navigators
County Veterans Service Officers (CVSOs) VSO Service Officers (VSOs & NSOs)  Benefits Navigators Veterans Liaison for Senator, Congressperson, Mayor. etc.
You connect and refer Service members, Veterans and their Families (SMVF’s) to all types of available support.

Employment Specialists
Employment Coordinators  Recruiters  Employment Counselors  HR Specialists  Career Mentors Transition Specialists

You have specific knowledge and expertise in recruiting, cultivating and retaining Transitioning Service member, Veteran, Guard and Reserve talent and that of their spouses.

Behavioral Health Specialists & Peer Support Specialists
Counselors & Therapists  Peer Support Group Facilitators  Psychologists & Psychiatrists  Medical Doctors  Researchers  Recreational Therapists  Subject Matter Experts
You are a mental health practitioner, researcher, peer support facilitator, substance/dependence professional, suicide prevention advocate, etc.

Legal and Justice Professionals
Attorneys  Judges  Mentors
You offer or are connected to the legal processes involved in various challenges such as discharge upgrades, family law, criminal law, military justice system, veterans treatment courts, etc.

Transition Assistance Experts
Military/DoD Transition Personnel  Community Outreach Specialists  Family Readiness and Fleet & Family Leaders • Veteran Service Officers and Benefits Navigators
All those devoted to transition assistance.

Community Outreach & Veterans Affairs Experts
Veterans Commissioners (city, county state)  ‘Family Readiness Group’ (FRG) leader  Military transition officer  Fleet and Family Services professional/ombudsman • Military and Veteran Community ‘connectors’

You sit on a Veterans Commission, are a Veterans liaison for a city, state or county. You might be a ‘family readiness group’ (FRG) leader — anyone with a focus on outreach.

Legislative Professionals
Commanders and Legislative Directors at VSOs  State and Federal Congresspeoples’ Legislative Directors  Veterans Commissioners
All those with an interest in legislation and policy that affects Service members, Veterans and their Families.

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